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How does FM Facility Maintenance work?
Here's a quick look at what we do and the
benefits we provide our clients.
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On any given day, your business has
			maintenance issues that arise.
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A single facility encounters a broad range of facility
maintenance issues every week, month and year.
Regular, preventive maintenance helps maintain
a clean, consistent appearance in your locations,
while optimizing functionality
Because the unexpected is bound to happen,
FM Facility Maintenance service providers are
ready to fix any unexpected problems
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On any given day, your business has maintenance 
			issues that arise.
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We maintain over 20,000 client locations nationwide
Our scale, volume and strong vendor relationships
allow us to deliver top-quality service at the most
competitive rates in the industry, in every trade,
every time
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FM Facility Maintenance handles all of 
			those maintenance issues. All your facilities call one number for any maintenance repair need.
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We streamline the maintenance process. All across
the nation, your people call us. We do the rest
Rather than asking location managers to find local
vendors and resolve maintenance issues on a per
location basis (with no price or quality standard),
FM Facility Maintenance-serviced locations call just
one number with all maintenance issues. Our clients
take comfort in knowing their employees are spending
less time solving maintenance problems…and more
time interacting with customers
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FM Facility Maintenance has the most comprehensive network of pre-qualified service vendors 
			in over 40 trades, ready to respond
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We're connected to the most highly qualified local
and regional service vendors nationwide – in big
cities and remote markets
Because FM Facility Maintenance has high service
standards and fixed rates for every trade, clients
know they'll get consistently great service at
pre-established rates
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One bill for all your locations. How simple is that?
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FM Facility Maintenance takes the mountain of
paperwork for all of your facilities and consolidates
them into one monthly, easy-to-understand invoice
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Maintenance and repair data is collected from all of your facilities, which is then used to uncover opportunities
			for additional company-wide savings
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Our proprietary technology mines and sorts data about
our clients' business operations. The FM Facility Maintenance program management team continually analyzes this data and identifies trends, revealing inefficiencies and offering strategies for operational and financial improvement
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Your managers make one call. 
			We handle all the details. Vendors are already pre-qualified. Corporate receives one consolidated 
			invoice. Management gains visibility. Savings are guaranteed.
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