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FM Facility Maintenance creates efficiencies and guarantees savings.
The following case study illustrates how our approach to maintenance
management has delivered quantifiable results to this retailer.
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National Specialty Retailer CASE STUDY

Before March 2007, this national retailer managed maintenance issues on a
case-by-case basis at the store level. Store managers were responsible for finding
service providers and scheduling service calls, with no defined quality or price
standards. In strong growth mode, this retailer's corporate management team was
finding it increasingly difficult to track maintenance requests and control total spend.
FM Facility Maintenance implemented a national maintenance
management program for this retailer.
A proactive Handyman Program was initiated to have service
technicians visit all of the stores on a regular basis to perform
scheduled, preventive maintenance.
The FM Facility Maintenance program management team provides
weekly and monthly reports, identifying company-wide trends.
Reactive maintenance has been streamlined. All store managers call
one number (the FM Facility Maintenance ServiceCare Center) when
maintenance and repair issues arise.
Top-performing tradespeople who meet FM Facility Maintenance standards
have replaced lower quality service providers.
Continuous tracking and analysis of store-level data have revealed
opportunities for financial and operational improvement.
This retailer reduces costs by 11% through rate reductions
and process savings.
Due to the Handyman Program, all stores are consistently clean and
attractive, and encounter fewer unscheduled maintenance problems.
An increased level of service nationwide at consistently
lower, fixed rates.
Their corporate management team is now able to better forecast
maintenance spend through FM Facility Maintenance's reporting.
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FM Facility Maintenance transforms facility maintenance into a competitive advantage. By partnering with us, you get the best managed maintenance service for all your locations nationwide. There are no start-up costs, and savings are guaranteed. Call an FM Facility Maintenance representative to find out what we can do for you.
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